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           Jody’s Jambalaya is a family-owned business in Gonzales, Louisiana which is widely known as the Jambalaya capital of the world. Jody Elisar started the business after winning the 2008 Jambalaya Cook-off “World Title” as well as 2009 & 2013 “Champ of Champs”. After perfecting his recipe, Jody had the dream of bringing the authentic taste of “World Champion” jambalaya to dinner tables across the world.  

           Jambalaya cooking is a deep-rooted tradition in Jody’s family. Jody first learned how to cook jambalaya when he was 12 years old where his uncle’s taught him everything about the local dish. Jody is extremely proud of his heritage and loves keeping old traditions and customs alive.

Jodys Jambalaya

           Through the years, Jody’s love for cooking jambalaya continued to grow, and in 1986 Jody entered the Jambalaya Festival cooking competition for the first time. After 23 years of competing and 18 of those years being a finalist, Jody’s time had finally come. On May 25, 2008 his life changed when his winning number was finally called as the new World Champion Jambalaya Cook.   

           After winning the title, Jody was afforded the opportunity to cook for multiple events across the country including Washington DC under President Bush Administration and the National Sheriffs Convention in Indianapolis. Jody was also highlighted on the History Channel program “All you can Meat” and featured in the book "Hungry for Louisiana".

           Jody knew that Gonzales Jambalaya had a taste of its own when compared to the New Orleans style jambalaya and wanted to make a mix that represented the flavors of his hometown. In 2011 Jody started “Jody’s Jambalaya” which provides everyone the opportunity to bring home a taste of Southern Louisiana and “COOK LIKE A CHAMP”.

Our Story

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